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As a breeder who is in love with all of our cats and kittens we find it hard to part with our kittens, they are just so cute!!!

Just looking at them Im sure you would understand. But when we know that they go to great homes and that they are so loved and are a part of the family of their new owners it makes us so proud.

 So we thought that we would share this with you (Don’t forget to check out all the links to videos of our kittens)
And we want to say thank you to all of our Bengal owners who have taken time to stay in touch, and send us all the wonderful photos (like the ones on this page) of their beckatt Baby Bengals!!.

More of our happy bengal owners



Hi Melinda
How are you all? finally we have got some pictures down loaded off the Camera! We cant believe he is neally 12mths old! and as cheeky as every ;)
Talk soon Vicki, Chris,Natalie, Emily and Dusty..

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Sneak peak (Penny)

Hello again!

  Just a couple more photos :)

She's quite hard to capture in a photo as she never sits still! Of course until she's pooped from running around so much!  Everyone loves her but she has formed a strong bond with me

She is absolutely beautiful and such a sweetie.

I wouldn't give her up for anything!!

She loves watching my fish, and ADORES the cat run I built for her!

 She is also a little bit of a poser!!

I hope you like the photos!

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f 5
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Hi There Melina!

Its Giselle Delosa who bought a bengal boy from you back in feb (i think)! 

Toby Tobs is now 9mths and just as awesome as the day we got him! He is such a curious thing and anything new that comes into the house he sleeps on first! My 1year old boy loves him and is extremely gentle with him! Toby is also very sweet with the kids and lets them do most things to him without a blink! He is such a "pain" when it comes to getting into things! I'm constantly throwing out chewed up dummies/ my daughters hair clips he will bring into bed with us at night and chew away! He is a lot of fun though and the kids in the bath is his favourite activity! He sits on the edge watching very closely...i'm still waiting for him to jump in with them...i'm sure it will happen! He is awesome at playing fetch and will bring us the kids small soft toys to throw! He even carries them by the scruff!

 Hope you don't mind the questions and hope you like the pics! Thanks so much again for selling us a great pet, we love him to bits! 

Kindest regards


Louie (sparble land)

Hi Melina & Dave,

 Thought you might like to see how my beautiful Louie has developed. He's bought me a lot of fun filled pleasure & is very spoilt. His antics have us laughing every day.

Hope all is well with you.Regards

Marg Woolcock

l 1


Hi Melina
I just wanted to give you an update on Scout who I picked up from you in October last year.  She is 11 months old and has grown into a beautiful cat.  She is a very happy cat, very active and very vocal!  We absolutely adore her and she provides us with so much enjoyment. We just recently built a large Catmax enclosure and she is loving going outside (but is completely safe).  She runs around for hours and then collapses exhausted in the bean bag for a long sleep.  The enclosure has been brilliant because I think she was getting bored inside.  Despite hundreds of toys and hours of my attention, she seemed to have outgrown the house and needed new stimulus.  She certainly gets that outside watching birds, chasing leaves, enjoying the short glimpses of sun we get at this time of the year.  When I am home she comes crashing through the cat-flap frequently just to check-up on me, and then she is off outside again. She washes her feet in her water bowl so that needs frequent cleaning! Thanks so much for giving us a wonderful addition to our family.

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Hi Melina & David

This is Diane and Arthur Thompson, we brought Koda home this time last year.I Just wanted to send you some photo’s of him.  He is a beautiful cat, we love having him.

 Enjoy the photo’s  Diane

Bruma and Nevada

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Hi Mel,
Figured it was time I gave you an update on the kittens, now they're 5 months old. They have hit a growth spurt at the moment and are eating like maniacs. Bruma has started being as talkative as Nevada although it's a very quiet chirp compared to Nevada's chatter. They are getting on well with the puppy - they box her nose and pull her tail she pulls their tails and tries to catch them. We're trying to teach her to be get her to be gentle but they hold their own and all are only playing. Their coats are really gorgeous

Both cats love the cat run though it took Bruma a while to work out the cat door. Currently they still have mad dashes around the house. They are ambitious- both kittens try to catch warren's giant exercise ball when he's rolling it up and down the wall and also are trying to catch pictures  hanging 5 feet off the ground

life is never dull - despite the angelic pictures



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Hi Mel,
Just wanted to send you a quick update on the two Bengals I became the proud mother of in March- Bruma and Nevada. They are 8 months old now and rule the house with an iron paw :-)

We got a flat coat retriever in may and they take great delight in teasing her into chasing them , when they are not trying to catch the footy on the TV screen- yes they still do that. they have also taken to climbing my exercise bike, sleeping next to the foxtel box and stealing pig's ears of the dog when they can. They also love helping Warren to shave in the morning and will cry if they can't. They play fetch better than the pup race around the house then curl up together to sleep

Our house is chaotic while they grow up and we wouldn't have it any other way

Thanks again for my girls


Hi Mel,

Burma and Nevada are one year old now so I thought I'd send you an update for Christmas. They are gorgeous- the coats are amazing, and the most happy and active pair of mischief magnets.
Their water fountain water bowl stops because of a power cut? They disassemble the top of the bowl and play soccer with it.
Plumbers in so the waters out? They go swimming in the bath filled with reserve water
The puppy is outside? they tease it behind the door where she can see them but not play
I'm sweeping the floor? They grab the broom for a ride then go and attack the dust pile.

They are healthy and happy and interact with us all the time Thanks for providing such great kittens

Merry Christmas




Hi! Just want to send u a pic, thunda has grown into a beautiful and loving cat :-) 

Bianca Hanson


hi melina, here are some overdue photos of suki.she is perfection.she is doing really well.sooo lovingshe sleeps with me most nights she usually gently climbs up to my head nuzzles the doona and i lift it up and she will sleep next to my stomach !

she is also on the vetsathome facebook website..

kinda cool..the vet loved her  

thanks dayna.

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Feya & Lulu

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Hi Mel,

Well Miss Lulu has certainly settled in and is part of the family,  ignoring the dogs unless she wants to play with them hehe.

I know you did tell us that Lulu would look at Feya as her Mum, if Feya would let her.  Well.......Miss Lulu is suckling constantly off Feya and Feya is letting her, licking her and loving her up.  Have you ever heard of a female cat, who's been speyed, letting a kitten suckle?  We've never seen anything like it, I mean I've had a cat with her own kittens before, but I've not seen this before.  It is cute, I must admit. we are so glad that we have both of them thankyou.


Mars Bastet

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ja 4

 Hi Mel and Dave,

Mars is doing great- Here's a photo of him playing with a pen. Feel free to use it and anything else we send you in whatever way you like :) Also please don't worry; we make sure to supervise him with toys like this to ensure they don't shatter or get swallowed :)  His health and spirits seem to be doing really well - and his adjustment to the new place is all but complete.

Thanks heaps for everything,

Jack and Jess


Hi Melina,

 its been a while so i thought i'd touch base with you and let you know how cheetah is. he's getting very big now and his color is amazing. he spends all day playing with pepper and driving wiz crazy. but he naps on my lap in the afternoon and sleeps with me at night. he is such an awesome cat. i'm in the process of putting some shelving up for him to climb and i'll send you pics of that as well when they're finished. all the kids in town know him cause he likes going for a walk with the dogs. i usually only take him out with them on sunday when its quiet. i got some cat grass and cat mint for him but bunnings didnt have catnip when i went. but i will look next time i go to melb. i dont know if i told you last time we spoke, but cheetah no longer uses kitty litter and goes to the toilet. it took a while to train him as its a slow procedure but he's very smart and it didnt take him overly long. i would like to get another kitten a white spotted one this time.thanks again for cheetah, he's worth more than his weight in gold


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Hi Guys!! Well its official- Apollo is 12 months old. How the time has flown!!! Here are some more photos of our big boy! Thank you once again for our precious baby :)Sincerely, Amy & Adam


Sorry taken soooo long to report on Hiro, he is very very good, i love him alot, so big now :)

I sent some photos, hard to get good photos, he does not sit still long enuff.

ne way he is being very well looked after, loves his tuna :)

kind regards


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Hi Mel, Dave & Family, 

We thought you might like to see how Ashanti is coming along. He is growing rapidly and is such a special, loving & very cheeky, nosey boy.

He still gets walks on the leash but we also purchased an enclosure for him that he enjoys and will be expanded as he grows. His thing at the moment is stealing things……. Plugs, sponges, hair clips, sunglasses & money ( notes….he knows the most valuable ones to take too mind you ) you name it he knocks it off, so we have to make sure anything that could possibly harm him is put away…child proofing the house we call it. Ooh he is crazy about enviro shopping bags too. 

We think he looks so much like his dad…..what do you think??? We will also need to purchase another harness from you in the next couple of months. 

Warm Regards Selina, Ken & Ashanti 

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Hi Melina

We thought you would like to know that Diesel arrived safe and sound. He didn't seem at all phased by the journey. He is gorgeous and you are right he has a fantastic personality and we can see why you were getting so attached.

He has wasted no time exploring and is running around the house like a complete lunatic. He grabbed hold of a furry thing off one of the scratching posts and has claimed it as his. We tried to keep him separated but he was not interested and just started crying. Of our 3 other Bengals we have had mixed reactions so far, some better than others, but as it is only day one we are not concerned. Actually it has gone far better than we thought.

He on the other hand seems to be extremely brave and completely unhasped by them, he hasn't stopped purring since he got here, so I guess that means he's happy.

Anyway we will keep you posted over the coming weeks as to how he is settling in.

Thanks Dale and Karen

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Hi Melina, The introductions have gone really well so far and we are really happy with how everyone is adjusting, and so quickly. Basically Diesel now owns the house! Nellie our alpha girl seems the most put out by his arrival and on Friday went and hid in Lilly's room for the day and wouldn't talk to either or us. We were quite concerned about her at first however she has calmed down very quickly and is now tolerating Diesel and sits watching him. he seems to realise that he needs to give her some space for the moment. Lilly our ex breeding girl has taken to him very well, she is quite relaxed around him and very curious until she seems to almost remember that she doesn't like other cats and backs away from him, but she has shown no aggression towards him, so we are quite hopefully that he will get her over the line with some more time.

 Bella has been the best to date, she is so curious that she follows him around the house. Earlier today she went running around the house like the bats of hell were after her, and we suspect that she was secretly hoping that he would chase her. 

Lewis our only non Bengal child, seems a bit indifferent to him so far, which is pretty much what we expected from him. He is a very gentle soul so as long as Diesel is gentle towards him they will be fine. Otherwise he just goes outside. He must really annoy the Bengals 'cause he gets to go out pretty much as he pleases and they have to stay inside or wait 'till we decide to take them out on their harnesses. As for Diesel, he is starting to recognise his name (occasionally) and is eating well - what an appetite! We couldn't have hoped to have picked a baby with a better personality . He is amazing, he wants to make friends with them all but you can see that he is adjusting his behaviour with each girl based on how they respond to him. We think he will persist with them all until he wears them down. At the moment he just wants one of them to play with him. Will keep you posted and send some pic's as he gets a bit bigger. Oh, he still hasn't stopped purring! Thanks again Karen and Dale

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Hi Meilna 

 Hope all is well at Beckatt Bengals. We thought we would give you an update as to how Diesel is going and send you some pics He's fantastic ! Dale uses one word to describe him a "cracker". I can really understand why you were becoming so fond of him, he is such a special little boy.

 He has been a bit of a fussy eater since he arrived but that has not stopped him, he has grown so much and is now over 3kg, we're predicting that he is going to be huge. He has all but lost his white stripe on his back with only a few random white hairs remaining.  He has bonded with all our other bengals to varying degrees. He's really clever as you can see he adjusts his interaction for each of the girls temperaments. Nellie our alpha girl still tells him off occasionally to put him in his place but she is still a little put out as he seems to have taken over everything that was her's, but on the flip side she loves chasing him around the house especially when he is dragging a rope toy. Bella likes to play rough, so is loving him, she still has the weight advantage at the moment but he does a good job of pinning her down. He has done a great job of teaching Lilly our silver bengal social skills which is what we were hoping he would do, he seems to love her and spends lots of time with her, and she seems to be loving the games she now gets with him. Diesel is still, trying to get our non bengal baby Lewis to like him, but that a bit if a lost cause as Lewis doesn't think much of any of the bengals - he is a gentle boy and they are just too boisterous for him.

 Thanks again for such a lovely boy Take care and all the best Dale & Karen


Hi Melina,

You were right so i sent 2 photos at a time and it worked. Like i said Raj is doing really well we are in a routine and things are great.He is a thief though, we see him walk past with our stuff and he looks at us as if to say "thank you very much" it doesn't matter what it is, if he can carry it he will steal it LOL He does love pens though, so when we need one we have to search the houseto find where he has his pen stash this week, because he keeps changing his hiding spot LOL This is how he got his nick name "Bogan Boy"He is currently outside with my other cat Chevy they are playing in the trees and bushes, you know stuff boys do. I will send you morephotos in August when he turns one.                                                  Kind regards Danielle

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Hi Mel,
 Just a quick update about how Phoenix is going. He slept the whole way home from your house int he storm, then was awake until Saturday arvo. hehe! He started playing with his new toys soon as he got home and also ate straight away. He has attached to me, and follows me everywhere, he is just adorable. It killed me to leave him at home today, his first day alone! I will have to give him plenty of attention when I get home. Hopefully Ben and I can get a friend for him in a couple of months :)
I have attached a few pictures of him relaxing/playing at his new home. He is very hard to take a photo of as he never stays still unless sleeping hehe! 
 Thanks so much for the beautiful boy :)

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Hi Mel,
Phoenix is going great! I love him sooooooo much hehe! He's like a real little baby. He's such a good boy and extremely playful :) He gets his injection and a checkup from the new Lort Smith in my area next Monday. We have started to put his walking jacket on and he is use to it now, so hopefully after his shots we can start to show him outside on a leash. We are still in the process of building the cattery but he is growing so fast so I think we better hurry haha!
I have attached a couple of pics of him chilling out at home (I have a million pics)
Hope all is well with you & your family & your feline family :)
Best Regards,

Hi Mel, 
Phoenix is great :) He is growing so fast, he barely fits in his walking coat now, i was going to ask you how much the next size is? We will need one asap. He loves going outside, as we havn't finished his outdoor area yet so we try to take him outside on his lead a couple of times a week. It helps tire him out for a couple hours after haha! He has so much energy, constantly playing games with something he has found. I tried to introduce him to my bunnies who are double his size but he is too wild so don't think i'll be doing that again haha!
We have taken him to the park down the road once and he loved it too, so funny he's like a little doggy, not scared of anything. So soon as we get a bigger walking coat will take him again. I've attached some pics.  
 Best Regards,

Shikana & Makayla

Hi Melina and dave,

Thank you so much letting us adopt one of your beautiful babies. Shikana is doing really well. she was not very happy on the trip home and meowed a bit which is understandable as its a big trip for a little kitty.  she is a real purrer and leaps up for smooches. she just wants to play with everything and has so far conquerd half of the upstairs. she isnt afraid of much anymore. She loves her water bowl, i have to refill it every half of the day because she loves to roll in it and stir it up, so i often come in and find her soaking wet. She is absolutely lovely. she is eating really well and going toilet as per usual also which is great. I put a cheetah soft toy in her cage which she still sleeps in at night and cuddles up to, its so cute. I thought she probly would be used to sleeping with other kitties about her size.

Have added a couple of pix. Her markings are amazing, I can see so much of  heartbreaker in her. she is a stunner and will be amazing when she gets older.

Thanks heaps, will keep you updated as to how she is going.

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Hi Dave and Mel,

 Hows things going? Shikana is doing really well. I cant believe how fast she is growing!! I am sure everytime i look at her she is an inch bigger! She has always loved her bikkies and she took a few days before she would eat any meat at all but she is chomping down her chicken necks now and loves fish.

she is a super smoocher and cant resist playing with everything. I was concerned about how noisy she was going to be but she is really good. she is sooo funny when she plays, she gets all excited and gives herself frights all the time and then lets out a little screetch. She gives us lots of laughs. she discovered the sky looking out the window the other day and got very excited and was telling me all about it. she called me over when she discovered the tv also (legend of the gaurdians). she has conquered the whole house now and mostly sleeps on our bed at night depending on what she is up too. we got her a giant cat post and none the less her favorite thing in the world is a black fabric bag and a hair tie! she has already taught herself how to play fetch but is smart enough to know when she wont bring it back that ill get up, an the she goes nuts an bolts around the house!

shikana loves her little hammock also and sleeps and plays in it. she LOVES to hide her toys under everything, blankets, clothes, the fridge, where ever she can hide them so of course i have lost most of her toys and often find them in my bed! She also LOVES water!! The first day i had her i came in the room and found her soaked from whisker to tail and water.. everywhere! She still hasnt changed and i have to fill up her water bowl three times a day. She loves to do rolley polleys over everything including in her water bowl which is why she gets so wet. Every now and again i fill up a large bowl of water and she stirs it up, 'hides' her toys in it and of course tips it over and rolls in it (but only when we're not looking of course, its her little secret!!)

her markings are really darkening up beautifully and her rosettes are really starting to open up. she really couldnt be anymore perfect! thank you so much for entrusting us with Shikana, she brings us endless joy and i think she is really happy also.


i am really glad we have had the time to bond with her but i think she would do best with a little play mate. we have decided we would like another girl instead of a boy. she is exactly what we wanted personality wise so i would like to stick with another girl. we were wondering if the other deposit we had with you would still be possible to use if we get another kitten from you? We love the little blue eyed snow marble girl you have on your website.

Thanks heaps, enjoy the pix, look farward to hearing from you.


Ryan and Lara

Hi mel and dave,

i havent got many pix of the little girl because she moves like lightening and very rarely slows down, but right now she has collapsed on my lap and i could take some photos!!

she is very different to shikana, and they get along great! shikana spent the first 2 days hissing a her (she was so scared of her!) but the little one has been following her around like a shadow. and then today they are best friends, they have been sleeping, eating, playing and doing absolutly everything together. the little one is super cuddly and sits on my shoulder like a little parrot alot of the day! it also seems to be her fav place to sleep, she is the cuddliest smoochiest kitty i have ever come accross. we have had alot of laughs, she is such a clown and gets into eeeeverryyythhing!

in the three days we have had her, she has already taught herself how to play fetch and her and shikana love to both play in their water bowl together. it was funny when we first got her, shikana was frantically running around the house finding all her fav toys and hiding them in her little spot in the closet and closely gaurding them. last night she decided to bring her favorite one out and the two of them played with it together it was sooo adorable!! Shikana has been sleep talking lately its so funny to watch her, she mustve been dreaming, she was growling and meowing alot in her sleep, must be all that playing!!

Shikana is playing big sister and pines for her when she cant find her. She couldnt find her this morning and came ot me meowing whcih she very rarely does and so i indicated to her to go look for her, she did another round of the house and came back more worried so we went and looked for her together and of course the little one was missioning under the bed, when shikana saw her she was happy to know where she was. so here are some photos, we still havent named her, we are just waiting to pick the right name, but will be in touch with you on that one soon.

Thanks so much guys, she is absolutly perfect just like shikana, and so different which we are loving and i think has made them bond so fast. we couldnt have wanted anything better we love them so much.

will be in touch again soon,

Ryan, Lara, Shikana and no name kitty

 Hi Melina, All is very well – kitten has bonded to Matt very strongly already.  She is very bright and inquisitive and not at all shy or nervous of anyone or anything – she loves my net curtains too!She is just a real sweetheart

Many Many ThanksVal

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Hi Melina,
Just a few recent pics of Ziggy I thought you might like to see… He's now 7 months old.
He's an indoor cat, however we take him outside for a wonder every now and then!
 All is going well. He's very affectionate and vocal - always following us around the house and sitting on our laps every night. He loves playing with (ripping up) newspaper and hiding amongst our doonas. He also has a fascination with our bathroom sinks - pulling the grate out with his paw and sticking his paw down into the hole - I think it's the sound of the water that gets his attention there!


 Yes, sure you can use the photos, 
 He has gone a little lighter than when he was a kitten, but he still has the brown undertones. I can't believe that there's no hair in the house, it's so strange (really good) that he doesn't drop hair... He really is an easy cat to look after. He has a few favorite toys (I named one Roger the mouse) which we play fetch with. He literally acts likes a dog - I throw the toy and he picks it up in his mouth, brings it back to me and then I throw it again... so cute.
 Hope all your kittens and cats are all doing well too!

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Hi Mel,

 So sorry I haven’t written to you for some time!  Travis and I are in LOVE with Georgie. She is amazing, very well behaved and heaps of fun and she is getting more and more pretty every day (her markings are sooo amazing) Anyone that comes to house is almost speechless when they see her. If I had a litter of Bengal kittens here I could sell 100!!! Also I am very happy to report that Davis and her are in total love with each were right. They play nonstop all day- a little rough sometimes but I manage that. They sleep together, groom each other and are best friends now. Davis is much happier having a friend and she just adores him, follows him everywhere.I will send you some pics tomorrow so you can see how stunning she is. Thanks again, I wish I could have 5 more!!!!Prue


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Hi Melina,How are you? I thought I'd send you a quick note informing you of Minx's progress. She is a VERY playfull kitten and loves being with people. Se comes into my bed everynight and likes to sleep ontop of me which is fine. She loves climbing into things like empty cartons bags and as you can see from the picture I have attached she even gets in my pots. She is very cheeky and likes to think she runs the house. Thanks again for such a wonderful kitten.Jacky


Hey Mel,

Thought I’d give you an update on Effy. She’s settled in very well, and is rather cheeky.  She loves to walk across the laptop keyboard when the laptop in in your lap and then you end up with a whole heap of random letters. She also loves to sit in my lap, which can be rather annoying sometimes, but what can I do? Haa.She’s a very good alarm of a morning though, meowing tell everyone to get up and feed her.She also likes to walk along the sink in the bathroom of a morning when I’m getting ready for school and watches the water from the tap as I brush my teeth, it’s rather funny.She always want to play or to have a cuddle, she’s very cute.She’s also very beautiful and I’m extremely proud to call her mine.Thank you.Katarina.



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Mishti & Turbo

Hi Melina & Dave,

Just wanted to let you know everything is going along well.  Mishti and Turbo get on together so well!!!  Mishti is so tolerant of Turbo, and if she is eating and he comes up, she will always step away.  I think it may not hurt her to loose a little bit of weight, not that I have been over-feeding her.  She doesn't particularly like wet food, and she never likes sitting down and eating everything at once.  She prefers to graze so goes through around 1 1/2 cups of dry food, and she only eats Royal Canin!! Turbo is happy with his kitten wet food, but refuses to eat any of the kitten dry food and insists on sharing Mishti's dry food.

Turbo is so funny when I am preparing his wet food.  He meows and carries on, tries to climb my leg, bites the back of my knee then watches my feet to see which way I am going so he doesn't miss out on his breakfast!!!  Half the time I end up tripping over him, so have learnt to scuff my feet when feeding him so I don't stand on him.

I wouldn't want to hurt his poor legs again!

All the best